Skype clarifies position on Windows Phone 7

Skype claims to be 'rigorously exploring' opportunities for developing for Windows Phone 7
Skype claims to be 'rigorously exploring' opportunities for developing for Windows Phone 7

A Skype VP in the Asia Pacific region set tongues a-wagging earlier this week when he stated that the leading internet telephony company was NOT developing software for Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 mobile platform.

The news came as something of a shock to many, particularly those who rely on Skype as their primary VoIP and instant messaging tool on their mobiles.

Skype VP Dan Neary, the company's Vice President for the Asia Pacific region, clearly stated at an event this week that Skype "not developing software for the new Windows Mobile software due later this year."

Rigorously exploring opportunities

TechRadar was quick to seek some clarification from Skype, with a rep just sending us the following statement:

"In February, we withdrew our Skype Lite and Skype for Windows Phones apps because they didn't offer the experience our customers had come to expect.

"We explore rigorously opportunities presented by new mobile platforms, and Windows Mobile 7 is no exception. However, we don't discuss future platform developments, and have no further information to offer at this time."

So there we go. A non-committal statement from Skype about its plans for Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft is clearly hoping that Skype's 'rigorous exploration' of opportunities to develop its software for Windows 7 will leads to an official confirmation that Skype IS planning to bring its software to Windows Phone 7 later this year.

As ever, we'll bring you more updates as and when we hear more.

In the meantime, you can see the last update on the Skype blog post explaining the changes back in February relating to Windows current mobile platforms at

Adam Hartley