Samsung's BBM for Android app set to rain down in Africa on Friday?

Samsung's BBM for Android app set to rain down in Africa on Friday?
BBM is coming to Android and iOS

Update: Samsung Nigeria may have jumped the gun a bit.

Victoria Berry, BBM communications director at BlackBerry, sent a statement to CrackBerry clarifying that "no one will have an exclusive on offering BBM."

"We'll be bringing the app to Android and iPhone users across the globe soon," she said.

While Samsung may lack an exclusive claim to BBM in Africa, we all should be in for some messaging goodness before long.

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The first official implementation of the BlackBerry Messenger platform on Android devices could arrive in Africa this Friday, exclusively for Samsung Galaxy phones.

According to a ZDNet report and a tweet from Samsung Nigeria's Twitter account, the South Korean tech giant may have snagged access to BBM three months before it arrives for other Android devices in the region.

As per an existing marketing agreement between Samsung and BlackBerry in Africa, the launch of the BBM platform for Galaxy devices will see it integrated within Samsung's own messaging hub application.

BlackBerry is launching its time-honoured app for iOS and Android sometime this year with the clear aim of becoming the world's No. 1 messaging platform, but as of right now the apps remain in private beta.

As yet, despite the odd hint hint here and there, there's no clear indication of when BlackBerry will pull the trigger on its BBM expansion project. However, the developments in Africa suggest it cannot be far away.

Bargaining chip

With the launch still pending, BBM has become a pivotal discussion point behind the potential sale of the Canadian smartphone manufacturer, which is currently welcoming offers as part of a strategic review.

The popularity of the free BBM app helped to keep the company's phones popular with the younger crowd long after the slump had commenced and is one of the most valuable chips BlackBerry possesses.

It may prove a target for potential buyers looking to pick the bones, or it may be a division that remains under Waterloo's control as other parts of the business are sold off.


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