Samsung Galaxy S6 vs the original Galaxy S: see how far smartphones have come

Galaxy S
Galaxy S

Boy, how far we've come. Dusting off the old Samsung Galaxy S for our latest phone test made us feel like Indiana Jones exploring a long-forgotten tomb. The reality is that it's only been five and a half years since that handset came out, but in the world of smartphones that feels like a lifetime.

Booting up the phone, we really noticed how things have changed when it comes to software, power and the overall feel of a flagship phone.

So, with the Galaxy S7 only a few weeks away, we decided to take the Galaxy S6 from March 2015 and compare it to the Galaxy S from June 2010.

Chugging along

We've put both the phones through our traditional tests to see which is better on battery, speed and camera – and the results probably won't surprise you.

But they do highlight how far the smartphone has come in such a short time. It's not all about new features, but more about the incremental changes that come together in a package for a better phone overall.

Watch our video test below and enjoy the retro phone goodness. And if you've got any ideas for other retro phone reviews or tests be sure to drop them in the comments below this article, our YouTube comments, or even ping us on Twitter.