Phones on cusp of being our primary computer, says ARM

Phones on cusp of being our primary computer, says ARM
Phones on cusp of being our primary computer, says ARM

Mobile phones are becoming our primary computing platform, according to ARM CEO Warren East.

East believes that the rise of the next generation of smartphones will begin to give us the power we need to use our handsets as the centre of our digital lives.

"[Mobile phones] are becoming the THE compute platform – giving you the power in the palm of your hand," said East at a conference to launch the Cortex A7 processor.

"And as we look forward to superphones it is really giving us the kind of compute power I'm using to present to you at the moment."


"We're starting to see people using that increased compute power with a much more sophisticated user interface with the ability to be able to connect to multiple screens, with the ability to seamlessly move from one form factor to another and take one's digital world with us as we go," he added

"It's even turning into something that can do content creation – and that's happening with the compute power that is in the palm of your hand."

The prospect of phones being our digital assistants is certainly nothing new, but the sheer power of the next generation of smartphones is certainly hastening us to a place where they can potentially deal with a high proportion of our daily activities.

ARM believes that superphones utilising even faster processors to take advantage of the increased bandwidth offered by LTE and 4G will arrive in 2012, and take us another step closer to a phone that can be at the hub of our online lives.'

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