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Orange Samsung Galaxy S gets Android 2.2 update

Samsung Galaxy S: Finally on Froyo
Samsung Galaxy S: Finally on Froyo

Orange customers can finally install Android 2.2 (Froyo) to Samsung Galaxy S handsets.

The update has been a long time coming, with rumours that the Galaxy S would linger on 2.1 forever.

Samsung originally said the update would come to the smartphone in September 2010, but quickly changed its tune and promised a November release.

The Kies to unlock the update

Now it's February 2011 and this is the first sniff that Orange users in the UK have had of the Android update for the Galaxy S.

The update can only be installed using Samsung's Kies software. It's a bit of a hassle as you have to connect your handset to your computer to get the update, with the over-the-air upgrade scrapped last year.

As with any software update, we'd strongly recommend you back your phone up before you start downloading to avoid losing any data.

Could this be the last software update rolled out to the Galaxy S? Given all the issues rolling out 2.2 and Samsung set to announce its successor at Mobile World Congress 2011, it's a definite possibility.