Looks like the iPhone 7 won't be waterproof – but will be slimmer

iPhone 7
iPhone 7

A lot of the buzz around the iPhone 7 has suggested it will be Apple's first with waterproof technology, but a new report says Apple isn't producing a phone you can take in the shower.

Japanese blog Mac Otakara is reporting that the iPhone 7 will use the metal chassis design from the iPhone 6S, keeping the phone the same height and width.

The new iPhone will be slightly slimmer than the iPhone 6S though. The LCD array Apple is apparently using for the iPhone 7 is 1mm thinner than the current components in the 6S.

The report also suggests Apple will now make sure the rear camera sit flush to the phone, unlike on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and their Plus counterparts

Do not submerge

As for the rumors of a dual-camera system, the latest report suggests it may only be the iPhone 7 Plus that sees the technology. That would fit with how Apple has treated its phablet device in the past with the iPhone 6 Plus getting optical image stabilization while the smaller version didn't.

The report also suggests Apple is taking the idea of getting rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack seriously and suggests it may use the space to put in a second speaker for stereo sound.

Getting rid of the headphone jack will be another way of making the phone thinner, and Apple then also use a new thinner lightning port design as well.

We are taking this report with a big pinch of salt though. Mac Otakara was one of the first blogs to suggest that waterproofing may come to the iPhone 7 with a report back in September 2015.

Things can change and rumors are always prone to confusion, but we can't take any of the information in this report as fact.

Via Apple Insider

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