Limera1n iPhone jailbreak tops search rankings

Limera1n - popular
Limera1n - popular

Apple's iOS 4.1 jailbreak tool limera1n has made such a splash that it has topped Google's fastest rising searches for the week.

Limera1n is apparently the first iOS 4.1 jailbreak supporting iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 3G, iPod touch 4G, iPad and even the new Apple TV.

It was authored by someone known as 'geohot' and his software has become an instant hit with those keen to install non-official apps and programs onto their Apple kit.

Limera1n proved so popular that it has become the fastest rising search term in the London rankings from Google.

Montenegro, Euromillions and WinPho

That's despite competition from terms 'Montenegro' who played England in a European Championship qualifier this week, 'euromillions winner' as people tried to find out who had picked up a £112 million lottery prize and even Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft's latest (and greatest) mobile OS arrived in a blaze of publicity earlier in the week, bringing a completely refreshed UI and the integration of some of the software giant's key brands.

Other tech terms that crashed into the top 20 include 'emoticons for Skype' and 'Ubuntu' – the latter hitting its 10.10 update recently.

Google's fastest rising searches this week

euromillions winner
windows phone 7
emoticons for skype
strictly come dancin
tiscali mail
formula 1
mail online

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