Has Microsoft finally got an iPhone killer in the McLaren?

Microsoft Lumia 1030
The Lumia 1030 and the iPhone 6 get put in the cage

It looks like Microsoft is readying a new flagship smartphone, the Lumia 1030, which is currently codenamed Microsoft McLaren. A huge batch of images of the Lumia 1030 have emerged online, giving us an idea of how the handset will look.

In some of the photos the Lumia 1030 is photographed side-by-side with the iPhone 6. These photos show a phone that's a fair bit larger than Apple's handset.

The appearance of the iPhone 6, along with a label visible on the handset that says 'prototype property of Microsoft Mobile' without any mention of Nokia, shows that this handset it relativity recent.

Microsoft Lumia 1030

Source: Phone Arena

I spy with my whopping great eye...

The most interesting aspect of the leak is the huge camera situated on the back of the handset. It's certainly eye catching, and means the Lumia 1030 lacks the minimalist design of other flagship phones.

Whether or not the camera will be worth the impact on aesthetics remains to be seen, and although these images apparently show an early prototype, they at least hint at what Microsoft is creating.

Microsoft Lumia 1030

Source: Phone Arena

But will it be enough to be the first Windows Phone to give the iPhone a run for its money,? We can't wait to find out.

Via Phone Arena

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