Hands on: Golla Bags review

Golla Bags Mobile Wallet
"We're really big in Europe"

The first thing a Golla Bags' rep said to us when we spoke to him was, "We're really big in Europe." And judging by the complete line of accessories they were showing off at CTIA 2012, we can see why.

While CTIA 2012 isn't suffering from a dearth of mobile accessories for everything from your mobile phone to your tablet or laptop, the wheat is typically overshadowed by the chaff.

Golla Bags Mobile Wallet

And this is exactly why we were so excited to check out Golla Bags' collection. While the mobile world isn't at a loss for snap-on protective devices, the Golla Bags that we focused our hands on around were more like wallets that also hold your phone.

Really slick and stylish, the Golla Bag that we got to take with us boasts some three slots for an ID, business or credit cards and could easily hold either our iPhone 4S or HTC Radar 4G. There is one somewhat major caveat though, neither phone fit in the Golla Bag with its respective snap-on protective case. Of course, if you're rocking a Golla Bag, the theory is that you won't need the protective case.

Golla Bags Mobile Wallet

Boasting myriad designs, some of the mobile wallets even sport carribiners making it easy to simply snap it on to a beltloop for easy access.

Golla Bags Mobile Wallet

Golla Bag's mobile wallets are also extremely affordable with prices beginning around $10.

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