Could the iPhone 7 lose those unsightly plastic strips?

iPhone 6
Could this be the end of that plastic strip?

A new rumour suggests that Apple has found a way to overcome the ugly plastic band of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Although Apple's most handsets are often praised for being decent-looking bits of kit, the plastic bands that Apple included to help radio waves get to the iPhone's antennas stuck out like a sore thumb.

iPhone 6


However a new patent filed by Apple suggests that it has found a way around this, so that future iPhones won't have their all-metal bodies spoilt by some garish plastic.

Plastic not so fantastic

The patent describes combining materials such as metal oxides to create a new composite metal material that looks and feels like metal, but will still allow radio frequencies to pass through.

This would mean future iPhones could retain a premium all-metal look and feel without compromising wireless strength.

The patent wouldn't just apply to iPhones either, so Macs and other Apple devices could benefit from this. Apple suggests that the new material could be used for trackpads on new Macbooks, so the body looks completely sleek and unified.

Not all patents end up becoming real-world devices or technologies, but for anyone who thinks the plastic bands around the recent iPhones is a bit of an eyesore, you'll want Apple to make good on this patent promise.

Via Business Insider

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