Concealed connectors could give your iPhone's Apple logo hidden powers.

iPhone 6
That logo could get a lot more useful

Right now the Apple logo on your iPhone makes it clear to friends and thieves that you have an expensive object in your hand, but it does little else.

That seems like a missed opportunity and Apple perhaps feels the same, as a patent filing spotted by Apple Insider details "concealed electronic connectors" housed within the Apple logo or any other logo or text.

There are any number of things this could be used for, but the patent mentions a heart rate monitor, a battery charging circuit, a skin conductivity sensor and a biometric sensor as possible uses.

No more buttons

It could for example mean that a future iPhone will move its fingerprint scanner to the logo on the back of the phone, or use it to connect to a wireless charger or collect health and fitness data.

It would allow Apple to add more sensors to the iPhone and/or remove existing buttons, without spoiling the design. Because let's face it, as iconic as it is the iPhone 6 home button is mostly just there for Touch ID now. If that could be housed elsewhere Apple could extend the screen or shrink the body.

Of course this is just a patent and as we all know patents sometimes seem little more than wild fantasies, but this one doesn't seem outside the realms of possibility. We probably won't see this in the iPhone 6S / iPhone 7, but give it a few years and you never know.

James Rogerson

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