Nokia reveals stunning Luna

Anyone seeking an exclusive top-of-the-range mobile will welcome Nokia's latest premium style phone, the 8600 Luna. Built from chrome, stainless steel and titanium, its most striking visual feature is a translucent smoked glass mechanised sliding cover. The keyboard pulses light from underneath, adding to the head-turning, attention-grabbing appeal of the 8600 Luna.

Under the bonnet, the Luna is a quad-band GSM handset, although there's no 3G connectivity onboard, nor Wi-Fi. The 8800 Luna has a 2-megapixel camera built into its back panel, and a bright 16-million colour display up front. A multi-format MP3 player is included, and Nokia supplies a set of headphones to go with it. A leather carrying pouch plus a cloth for shining the device are part of the in-the-box offering too.

Video shooting is included in the spec, and it has a micro USB connector and 2.5mm headphone socket rather than Nokia's regular sockets. USB mass storage is supported, as is stereo Bluetooth.

Although it may be light on cutting edge features, the Nokia 8600 Luna is all about premium-end style and luxury, selling for around 700 Euro (£465) SIM-free before tax when it's launched this summer.

"An obsession to every detail marked each step in the development process of the Nokia 8600 Luna," Heikki Norta, Senior Vice President, Mobile Phones, Nokia said. "We took painstaking effort to ensure that the experience delivered by every surface - from the smoothness of glass against the face to the warmth of stainless steel in the palm to the superior tactile feedback of the keypad - would surpass any and all expectations."