Can't get an iPhone 7? Blame this billionaire's dog

iPhone 7 dog

The iPhone 7 is in high demand, with some versions selling out before the official launch day. It's also a very expensive phone, so most people would probably be happy to have just one - but not Wang Sicong, son of Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin.

We don't know how many iPhone 7's he has, but thanks to a Weibo post spotted by CNN we do know that he bought eight of them for his dog.

iPhone 7 doh

Image credit: Weibo

With only four paws and no fingers we're not entirely sure what Coco the Alaskan malamute will do with eight iPhones (maybe use them as chew toys just to really hammer the point home?).

But it's a spectacular show of wealth from Wang Sicong, though one which is unlikely to go down well with those who haven't yet been able to get hold of a handset.

Apple's biggest canine customer

This isn't the first time he's spoiled Coco with Apple goodies either, as CNN reports that Wang Sicong also once bought the dog $37,000 (around £28,500/AU$49,000) worth of Apple Watches.

But if he really wants to show off his cash maybe one day he'll spoil Coco with a pile of Vertu handsets, rather than settling for devices that us mere commoners can afford.

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