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BBC extends iPlayer mobile for more devices

BBC iPlayer comes to the ageing Nokia N95
BBC iPlayer comes to the ageing Nokia N95

Users of the N95 and other handsets using the Symbian S60 OS will be pleased to learn than BBC has extended its iPlayer support to these handsets.

The N95 is now supported, and reports are rolling in of it being able to work on the business man's friend, the E71.

While users could use it previously on these devices, subsequent software updates locked the service from these handsets.

Auntie comes through at last

But the Beeb has created a separate client for phones running older versions of the OS, with these popular handsets now supported.

Weirdly reports are coming in of users only being able to stream the service over 3G if on 3 or Vodafone, although downloads are only over Wi-Fi.

Those of you giddy at the chance to make the unmissable unmissable (big day for the BBC marketing department, that was) should point your mobile browser to and get ready for the download.