Apple Pay is a huge success and it's getting even bigger

Apple Pay
Apple Pay is getting big. Seriously big.

Apple's bid to replace your wallet has got off to a fantastic start, with CEO Tim Cook proudly announcing that, out of every $3 spent using contactless payments, an impressive $2 is paid with Apple Pay since its launch in October 2014.

The resounding success of Apple Pay will hopefully spur the Cupertino company to bring the service to other parts of the world, including the UK. At the moment contactless Apple Pay payments are only available in the US.

Whole Foods, one of Apple's retail partners, has seen a 400% increase in mobile payments since Apple Pay's launch, while Panera Bread is seeing 80% of its mobile payments being made with Apple Pay.

Contactless payment on the grow

Apple Pay originally launched with the support of 500 banks and this has now grown to around 750 banks and credit unions. Apple has also announced that Apple pay will be coming to around 200,000 self-serve payment terminals.

These glamorously named "self-serve payment terminals" include vending machines, coffee machines, car park pay terminals and arcades.

You could also soon pay to fill up your car at Chevron gas stations using Apple Pay in the near future. Although this is all very US centric at the moment the large expansion of Apple Pay, and it's clear success, will hopefully mean we'll soon be able to use our iPhones and Apple Watches to pay around the world.

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