Amazon Android App Store opens to UK users?

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Indications are that Amazon has decided to spread the reach of its Android App Store

The Amazon Android App Store could soon be officially available in the UK, with many British-based users already claiming they can download apps from the site.

The alternative to the Android Market has been a US-only venture, since its launch in March this year.

Now, for the first time, Amazon users with accounts based in the UK, as well as the Netherlands, India and Australia say they have obtained applications from the service.


Amazon has yet to make an official announcement, there has been no update to the Amazon UK site and users who have been successful in downloading apps have been going through

The official status remains somewhat of a mystery. We tried logging into with our UK-based account, but geographical restrictions were still in place when we tried to download apps.

It's possible that Amazon is slowly making the service more widely available internationally, with more and more users being granted access as time goes on.

Market contender

The Amazon App Store has enjoyed a somewhat quiet first six months, despite offering free marquee apps on a daily basis.

It also offers Android users the chance to test drive apps on their PC before deciding whether they'd like to download them to their handset.

A widespread international launch would certainly assist Amazon's aim to gain traction and cut in on the Android Market's dominance.

We've contacted Amazon for an official comment on this story, so stay tuned to TechRadar for the latest on the Amazon Android App Store's UK launch.

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