20% of 7digital sales now from portable devices

20% of 7digital sales now from portable devices
7digital - happy now it's more mobile

7digital has announced some impressive growth numbers this week, with one million active users of the music download service on mobile devices making up more than 20 per cent of all downloads.

7digital's push into the mobile space has been a stealth one. It has cornered a nice market, offering a decent music player and download service on devices that have none.

The likes of BlackBerry, Samsung and Toshiba all use 7digital to power their music players and, according to 7digital, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is the top device for downloads, followed by the BlackBerry PlayBook and, interestingly, the Huawei M860.

Enabling music

"It's great to see such strong growth for our apps and API partners via smartphones, tablets and other devices," said Ben Drury, CEO 7digital.

"Sales to devices were less than 5 per cent of our sales in 2010 and are now over 20 per cent and growing fast.

"Our approach to be an open, agnostic digital content partner to the Consumer Electronic industry is really working. We know that consumers want access to their music collection on the device of their choice, anytime, anywhere and we're helping enable that.

"7digital's catalogue of over 15 million high quality DRM-free tracks and open API platform mean we are the de facto choice for device manufacturers' partnerships."

As well as its device partnerships, 7digital updated its Android app in May, which now allows direct MP3 downloads.

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