OnePlus 6 dumped always-on display mode to save battery life

The OnePlus 6 offers a lot of features for your money, but it doesn't have wireless charging, IP water-resistance, or an always-on-display mode – at least not anymore.

It turns out a briefly present always-on display mode was buried in the settings of the new phone, as a Redditor discovered, but it was removed in a day one update.

The reason of its removal? The OnePlus team didn't want to impact the battery life by including the battery siphoning display option popular in other Android phones.

True enough, we've tested the OnePlus 6 and found its battery performance to be strong, thanks to its 3,300mAh battery capacity and 1080p resolution screen.

More to come for OnePlus 6T?

The reaction to the news of this axed OnePlus 6 always-on display feature is mixed, with many 'Don't care' replies, and others determined to find a way to reactive it.

We've reached out to OnePlus to see if the always-on display will ever return, as it's other top Android phones, like the Google Pixel 2, Samsung Galaxy S9 and LG G7.

But you may have to wait until the inevitable OnePlus 6T to get official support for an always-on display. The good news is that may only be six to eight months away.

Matt Swider