Microsoft may reveal a new Surface Mouse and Keyboard at October event

(Image credit: Future)

Microsoft has been granted authorization by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission in the US) for a wireless keyboard and mouse, leading us to believe that these peripherals might be launched at the company’s big event at the start of October.

The FCC listings for a wireless mouse and keyboard were spotted by MS Power User, but unfortunately don’t reveal anything other than the fact that these are Bluetooth peripherals.

Having just been approved yesterday – with Microsoft’s application to the FCC made on August 26 – it would be easy to imagine that these accessories are about to launch. And given that Microsoft has a press event on October 2 where a number of new Surface devices are expected to be revealed, we can optimistically guess that these might be Surface branded peripherals.

Surface area

The hardware launched at the event could well include a new Surface Pro 7, and indeed other Surface models – maybe even the dual-screen device we’ve been hearing so much about – but perhaps an all-new Surface Mouse and Keyboard might be side dishes.

That may not happen, of course, but it does seem that Microsoft has a new keyboard and mouse in the pipeline for some point in the future, whether these are Surface peripherals, or something else.

Microsoft most recently launched the Surface Mobile Mouse a year ago, which is a compact and lightweight affair.

Previous to that, we had the existing Surface Mouse (pictured top), which we liked in our review, even if it is pricey and rather dull-looking – perhaps we’ll see Microsoft spruce a successor up? The Surface Keyboard has its plus points, too, but again it’s expensive, so maybe if we do indeed see these peripherals launched, Microsoft will tackle this other pain point.

Although typically, Surface products aren’t known for their affordable price tags…

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