Meet the robot cleaner that you’ve always dreamed of owning

Samsung's Jet Bot in action
(Image credit: Samsung)

Cleaning, it’s safe to say, is rubbish. It takes forever, it’s no fun at all, and no sooner have you done it, that it’s time to do it all over again. That’s why we love Samsung’s Jet Bot+ and Jet Bot AI+ so much. These state of the art cleaning machines are so clever they don’t just clean every room in your home. They even empty themselves afterwards. 

With Samsung’s Jet Bot+ and Jet Bot AI+, you won’t just have a home so clean you’ll want to post photos of it on Instagram. You’ll also save tons of time to spend doing the things that make your heart sing.

Effortless control, exceptional hygiene

Where lesser robot vacuums wander around aimlessly until they bump into something, Samsung’s Jet Bot and Jet Bot AI+ are much smarter. They have LiDAR sensors, which are the same technology you find in self-driving cars, and those sensors enable them to scan the room and work out the best path to deliver the maximum clean in the minimum time. And if you spot a bit that needs going over, you can command your Jet Bot with Samsung Bixby¹, your Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Samsung Jet Bot has integrated and upgraded Wi-Fi, enabling you to monitor and control it from anywhere. All you need are Samsung’s excellent SmartThings app (available on Android and iOS devices), a WiFi connection and a Samsung account, and you can use your phone or tablet to tell Jet Bot which rooms to clean and which ones to leave – handy if you have guests or teenagers you’d rather not disturb. You can also create No Go Zones - areas where you don’t want your Jet Bot to go at all - and virtual walls to set boundaries too.

The power to terminate dust and dirt

Samsung's Jet Bot in action

(Image credit: Samsung)

To dust and dirt, the Jet Bot is a Terminator: its high tech Digital Inverter Motor maximises suction power for a deep and powerful clean, automatically optimising the power delivery for every kind of surface to ensure the best possible performance without sacrificing energy efficiency. 

The high-efficiency brush cleans hard floors and carpets alike with incredible precision and far fewer tangles than rival cleaners thanks to its fine fibres and anti-static silver thread, and its high-efficiency extractors grind up hairs so they won’t get tangled around the brush. When the cleaning is done, your Jet Bot+ and Jet Bot AI+ returns to its Clean Station to recharge and empty its bin. 

There are no bags (aside from the Clean Station, which requires a bag), no mess, and no hassle: when the removable bin is full – something that will take between one and three months – it’s simple to remove and empty, and it’s fully washable in case your cleaner comes across more liquid spills. The Clean Station also removes dust and traps 99.999% of fine dust², so emptying the bin doesn’t re-introduce dust back into the room. 

AI power for even cleverer cleaning

Samsung's Jet Bot in action

(Image credit: Samsung)

The Jet Bot does everything we’ve talked about here, but there’s an even more advanced model: the Jet Bot AI+. It has everything the Jet Bot has plus artificial intelligence for object recognition and comes with a Clean Station. It uses its LiDAR sensor not just to map the room but also to recognise objects, so for example it can tell the difference between cables and coffee tables, sofas and Smart TVs. That enables it to keep its distance around fragile objects, such as expensive glassware on side tables, and to avoid potential problems such as water bowls or pet food.

If you’ve ever dreamed of the day when you could lie back and relax while robots got on with the chores, you’re going to love the Jet Bot and Jet Bot AI+: they’re incredibly clever, deliver exceptional cleaning performance, and couldn’t be easier to set up and use. Click here to discover how the Samsung Jet Bot and Jet Bot AI+ can give you an Insta-worthy home without the effort.

¹Bixby service availability requires Samsung Account login and data connection. Commands include Scheduling, Moving, Charging, Changing cleaning mode, Checking the robot's status, and Finding the robot's location. Bixby only recognises certain accents and dialects of English (UK), English (US), French (France), German (Germany), Italian (Italy), Korean (South Korea), Mandarin Chinese (China), Spanish (Spain) and Portuguese (Brazil). Other languages to be supported. Bixby is available on selected Samsung smart phones. Jet Bot need to be registered with SmartThings App, available on iOS and Android. 

²Based on internal testing, using Max mode, in accordance with the IEC62885 2 Cl. 5.11 standard. Results may vary depending on the actual home conditions