Major tech and energy firms back drive for global transparency with renewables

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A new green energy programme has been launched by independent industry initiative EnergyTag, aimed at speeding up the global shift towards complete reliance on clean electricity by giving customers ‘transparency and confidence’ that the energy they buy and use is ‘truly green’. What’s more, the programme has now been backed by over 100 major companies, governments, and NGOs.

This is according to a report from BusinessGreen, which also explains that in addition the initiative will aim to offer clearer pricing for renewables to help encourage more development of ‘smart grid technologies’ so that clean electricity is readily available 24/7.

Making a new system to verify clean power

At present there isn’t a standardised system for verifying clean power at an hourly rate. Instead, companies and suppliers purchase renewable energy through certification schemes. In the UK, these are Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) and these are issued for every MWh unit of green electricity that is produced, which firms then buy up in order to match their typical yearly energy demand.

EnergyTag argues that this system will lead to a volatile green energy market. This is because inconsistencies in the amount of global production of renewables – for instance, over production in certain weather conditions and a lack of production in others – will mean notable fluctuations in prices, particularly as renewable power capacity increases worldwide.

This is where EnergyTag’s new programme will intend to make a new system that offers hourly green energy certificates to provide more flexibility to cope with demand. This is to be trialled around the world as six individual projects, all with the support of a variety of leading tech and energy companies including Google, Microsoft, Vattenfall, Centrica, Statkraft, Energinet, and Eneco.

What this might mean for consumers

Alongside helping to standardise the renewable energy market and help grow the sector, consumers could also see a wealth of benefits if this initiative is a success.

Green power could become more widely available, giving households around the world more choice in terms of energy tariffs and deals. On top of this, a more flexible grid would help meet consumer energy demand more effectively, improve public perception of renewables and ultimately make them more affordable – in turn lowering our energy bills. All this would of course also help reduce emissions and be much better for the environment and the planet.

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