Let the G433 headset fuel your gaming and real-world adventures

A quality headset is a must-have for gamers who want to get the most out of their gaming. Being enveloped in high-end audio not only makes for the best possible gaming experience but also ensures you have every competitive advantage possible.  

This is what makes Logitech G’s G433 gaming headset a dream come true for gamers. This DTS-X 7.1 surround sound ready headset comes packed with Logitech’s Pro G 40mm audio drivers, which are engineered to deliver unmatched audio performance. A bevy of included cables lets you easily connect to your smartphone, game consoles, and PC rig, so you can take full advantage of the G433 no matter what you’re playing. 

Powerful software also lets you tweak and adjust the G433’s performance down to the individual sound channel, so you can customize the audio to your liking. The detachable mic also has features like a pop filter and interference shielding, so you can coordinate with teammates or make phone calls with ease. 

But the designers at Logitech G didn’t just want to create the best gaming headset possible: they wanted to develop a headset that could power every aspect of your life. That’s why the G433 was designed with to offer unparalleled comfort and aesthetics. The headset comes in four spectacular colors guaranteed to turn heads whether you’re on the bus, at the gym, or in the office. The fabric lining around the ear cups along with the adjustable headband means you can wear them all day long. 

Watch the video above and see why the G433 wired 7.1 surround gaming headet is the best audio solution for every aspect of your connected life.

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