YouTube debuts video editing features

YouTube debuts video editing features
Dogs in hats - it's the reaon YouTube was invented

YouTube has unveiled a set of video editing features for the site, which allow users to tweak their videos and add a number of effects.

In a move that makes total sense – and something that should have been implemented a long time ago – users will now be able to trim their clips on the site, as well as stabilise shaky footage, boost the colours and contrast and even give the video a whole new look.

The new features mean that we finally see the fruits of YouTube's acquisition of image-editing company Green Parrot, back in March.

Colour me bad

YouTube has made it really easy to edit your footage. All you have to do is head to My Videos page and clock on the Edit Video button.

In a nice little nod to owners Google, YouTube has added a one-click colour correction system button, which it has branded I'm Feeling Lucky.

If you want a more dramatic change to your images, then there are a number of filters you can use.

These have been developed in collaboration with photo-editing site Picnik and let you change your footage to the following: Black and White, Colour Process, Lomo-ish, Thermal and Cartoon.

The new features are rolling out globally this week, so keep checking the site to see if they have landed in your region.

In a meta move, YouTube has made its own video on how to edit videos with YouTube, which you can see below.

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