'Netflix for torrents' app Popcorn Time shuts down, but sequel on the way

Netflix for torrents' app Popcorn Time shuts down, but sequel on the way
Popcorn Time made plenty of headlines during its short lifetime

The creators of free movie streaming app Popcorn Time have announced they're shuttering the project, but the open source app is set to make a quick return via the torrent site YTS.

Popcorn Time emerged a week ago with the makers of the slick app insisting it was legal, despite appearing to be a veritable Netflix for illegal movie streams.

In a blog post this weekend, the makers said they planned was move on, but weren't ducking out due to legal pressures or lack of support.

"Popcorn Time as a project is legal. We checked. Four Times," wrote the company.

Shady machinery

"Popcorn Time is shutting down today. Not because we ran out of energy, commitment, focus or allies. But because we need to move on with our lives.

"Our experiment has put us at the doors of endless debates about piracy and copyright, legal threats and the shady machinery that makes us feel in danger for doing what we love. And that's not a battle we want a place in."

That battle will now be fought by the torrent site YTS who have vowed to take on the mantle and resurrect the Popcorn Time app.

YTS developer Jduncanator told TorrentFreak: "We are in a better position copyright wise as for us, because it's build on our API, it's as if we have built another interface to our website. "We are no worse off managing the project than we would be just supplying the movies."

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