Facebook gets talking by enabling free VoIP for iPhone owners

Facebook Messenger
Facebook takes another big step in connecting its users

Earlier this month, Facebook began testing voice-over IP calling within its iOS Messenger app in Canada, with a goal of expansion to other platforms and territories.

On Wednesday, the feature became a reality for U.S. customers, as free calling is now an option to iPhone users with Messenger.

Though the option still isn't available to those using Android, the option to place calls to another Messenger user for free over a Wi-Fi connection is undoubtedly a big step in Facebook's grand plan for global domination...we mean, offering awesome services to users.

However, there is still no way to video conference, despite Facebook's deal with Skype that provides video chat through the network's online portal.

What's next?

With VoIP being made available to more consumers through the Messenger app, the next logical step would be to roll out the feature to more users and more countries.

Facebook has certainly spent a lot of time changing how its users are able to interact with one another in recent months, and one has to wonder just how the company will continue to evolve over the next year.

We already know the company is testing out a pay-to-message system, with new reports indicating Facebook is trying out a $100 price point to message someone you've never met.

While that test is only being put to use on the web for the time being, if it proves successful for Facebook, there's a chance that option could find its way to the app, and then subsequently to the phone call option.

For now, it appears Facebook is content to merely compete with other VoIP services like Vonage for customers.

TechRadar asked Facebook for more on the matter, and will update this story if and when the company responds.