This Egyptian handyman beat Google at its own game

Google Plus

Search Google for the word "Google" and you'd expect Google to come pretty high, right? In fact, given its special secret and ever-changing laws of page ranking, you'd expect Googling Google to always result in Google's official website (Google) coming top.

But, to the delight of underdogs everywhere, an Egyptian handyman named Saber el Toony's place listing started outranking the search giant on The result was a ridiculously popular Google Plus page where over five million people have seen his photos of the appliances he can fix.

You what?

One digital marketeer took it upon himself to solve the mystery. Saber himself had no idea why it was happening, suggesting that it was probably because of an old email address he used to create the Google Plus page, or possibly something to do with the files on his computer.

However, it looks like it was actually down to one of Google's own "experimental algorithms" that has now been removed.

Still, in the very specific field of SEO and page ranking, Saber rode high for a few days. He's even been offered a few jobs in SEO which just goes to show that they will take literally anyone - still, if he's got a few old email addresses going spare then why not? Read the full story here.

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