New book celebrates funniest website addresses

Slurls - the hilarious website names that slipped through the subs net...

A number of truly hilarious web addresses are being revealed in a new book, celebrating the art of the unintended double entendre.

Check out, for example, the home page for celebrity agent database Who Represents at

Alternatively, you might want to head over toExperts Exchange – for programmers to swap coding tips – which you can locate online at

Speed of Art is a similar online community, this time for artists and designers – and can be found on the internet at


The art of the slurl

There are over 150 such 'slurls' (slur URLs) listed in the new book, with some a little more close to the bone than others.

Mole Station Nursery, an Australia gardening business, originally used the URL "molestationnursery" but soon changed it to "molerivernursery" after their slip was noticed!!

Andy Geldman is the author of the book Slurls: They Called Their Website What? noting that: "In a world without spaces we mentally insert out own. And you might not stick yours where I stick mine."

You can read more about Pen Island's home page ( ) and the French-based British tree surgeon's Les Bocages ( in Geldman's hilarious book.

One rep from Choose Spain ( ) told the Sunday Times: "It was too late to change it once we realised".

Via The Telegraph