MySpace looking to news for radical redesign

MySpace Everything - is this the second coming?
MySpace Everything - is this the second coming?

MySpace is trying to claw back the millions of users it has lost over the years by shifting the onus of the site to offer general news stories and not just information regarding what your friends are doing.

The fall from grace for MySpace is a well publicised one, so it is great to see that the site is trying something new to tempt social networkers back.

The new-look MySpace feed is very much a work in progress at the moment but ReadWriteWeb has managed to snag some screenshots of what it looks like and the results are pretty impressive.

They were found on the URL but this seems to have been taken down for the time being.

The layout is picture heavy and shows news feeds based on sports, celebrity and more feature-based stuff.

MySpace Everything

It's unclear just how this will segue into the way MySpace works, but it seems to be part of a hub page where users can choose what content appears on the screen.

This looks likely to be mixed into the normal newsfeed which houses the picture and status updates of friends.

The new setup has been created by a company called CrowdFusion and while there is no word if and when this will be integrated into the site, it does look a lot cleaner than the crowded feeds of Facebook.

MySpace needs something to jolt it back into the public's consciousness. Recent figures claim that the site brings in just 5 million UK uniques, compared to Facebook's 26 million. This is something, however, that MySpace is denying.

Marc Chacksfield

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