Google search was astoundingly bad five years ago, says Page

PGoogle search was astoundingly bad five years ago says Page

Google CEO Larry Page has professed that people would be 'astounded' at how bad Google search was five years ago, given the strides it has taken since.

Speaking at Google's Zeitgeist conference Page explained that the company's core product was an ever-changing project although changes should not be something that distracts users.

"I think if you used Google five years ago you'd be astounded by how bad it is, or how bad it was right? And you know search has got a lot better," said Page.

"You don't always see if because we change it every day and we try not to distract you too much with changes."

Page believes that the integration of Google+ is a key factor in improving the service, going on to defend the social network from critics who suggest that it has stalled after a promising start.

"One of things I did recently which I'm most proud of it that I have friend at Google called Ben Smith and that's a very common name in the US," added Page

"Now with Google+ I get the Ben Smith I know and he actually appears in the search box and there's a little picture of him.

"And if that's not the Ben Smith I want I can delete him and put a different person in. I'm actually searching for a person rather than the string, the combination of letters and that's a really big deal for Google and it's a really important thing."

Google+ growth

Page believes that people do not bear in mind that Google+ has come from zero to a considerable size in very little time, insisting that it the fastest growing social network.

"The other part of Google+ is the product itself where you can follow people, you can read your stream and so on; that's a social network.


"It started from zero and it's grown a lot. It's grown much faster than any other social network ever has."

"It started from zero and it's grown a lot. It's grown much faster than any other social network ever has.

"We've been really excited about the growth there and the base at which it's growing but it will take some time. We're starting it from scratch."

With Google talking about Google+ as both a prduct, and as the web between its disparate services, it's certainly intriguing to see what's next.