Facebook News Feed will make sense again with new filters

Facebook news feed redesign
More choice and control for the News Feed

Various Facebook employees, including CEO Mark Zuckerberg, took the stage Thursday to introduce another redesign for Facebook's News Feed.

Prominent among the new features is a series of separate News Feeds filters that present specific types of content.

These News Feed sections include feeds for Music, Photos and Games, as well as new types of feeds called Most Recent, Following, Close friends, and All Friends.

The sections will drastically change how users view content on Facebook.

More choice and control

Users can jump to any different feed using the feed switcher located at the top of the News Feed.

Notably for old school Facebook users, the new All Friends feed will simply display all of your friends' updates in chronological order. That's how the News Feed used to work, and no doubt some users will appreciate the comeback.

Different news feed filters

Drop down menus to find feeds

"We really heard from people that they wanted more choice and more control over the stories that they see on their News Feed," said Chris Struhar, Tech Lead of News Feed.

For users who want to see all the music or photos that their friends and liked pages are displaying, those sections will do just that.

The Music feed displays concert events, music news and photos, and the songs that friends have posted about, while the photos feed shows you every single photo your friends and pages publish.

The Following feed displays all the posts from the public figures and pages that you like. Like the All Friends post, this feed is in chronological order, as well.

Other feeds, like Close and Games, have been adapted from existing features and will remain largely the same.

The disparate feeds will be sorted automatically based on how much you use them. The new Facebook News Feed redesign will begin rolling out to a small percentage of users on the web today and on mobile devices in the coming weeks, with an all-encompassing release to follow.

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