Digg app coming to the iPhone

Digg to get some iPhone loving
Digg to get some iPhone loving

Digg is to finally get its own iPhone app, after website co-founder Kevin Rose unwittingly let details slip.

Rose was a speaker at last week's FOWA (Future of Web Apps) conference in London, and while he said nothing about the application in his guest speech, he did mention the app to two bloggers in an interview afterwards.

Nobody knows about that

An eagle-eyed Arnt Eriksen and Thomas Moen spotted Rose playing with the application on his iPhone before the podcast interview started and quizzed him about it when the video was running.

His response: "I cannot show that off yet. You're not even supposed to know about that… nobody knows about that." He then sheepishly allowed them to keep the segment in their podcast.

Currently, Digg has its own mobile version of the site, but it has yet to get an official iPhone app.

Category level

Also in the interview, Rose mentioned that Digg is to change the way it aggregates articles on the web, saying that multiple homepages could be in the running.

He explained to Eriksen and Moen: "We've always had this universal homepage which we are promoting stories to, but now we are going to start promoting it at a category level to get more longer tail content. It's completely redesigned for us."

If you want to see the full iPhone revelation, then check out the video below:

Via ReadWriteWeb and Arnteriksen.com

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