Kim Dotcom's Mega is out of beta and sporting a new look

Mega opens up for mega cloud storage

Cloud storage service Mega is now out of beta 9 months after first launching, with promises of secure messaging and audio/video calls for early next year.

Based in New Zealand, Mega is the brain child of Kim Dotcom, though he is no longer part of the company.

As it heads out of beta, the cloud storage service's interface has been overhauled for the wider release.

The new look is meant to help with CPU usage and cut down on code size to make loading a lot faster, Mega said in its blog post. You can also navigate around the site while files are being transferred too now.

More than just storage

Besides being a cloud storage service, Mega has plans to also provide encrypted messaging and secure audio/video calls.

While that won't be rolled out until "early 2014", Mega is in prep stages, with the ability to now use avatars for your contact list and when files being shared with contacts were last modified, similar to Google Doc files.

Mega also has a Firefox extension, which is meant to help with load times and security. There's already an Android client, and Mega announced that it will be launching its desktop client and iOS app later this month.