BBC iPlayer iPad app out now

BBC iPlayer - coming to the iPad
BBC iPlayer - coming to the iPad


The BBC iPlayer app for iPad is available now. Stay tuned for TechRadar's in-depth hands-on with the app later today.

To download the app, head over to the Apple App Store.


The BBC iPlayer is coming to the iPad this week, according to Geoff Marshall, Interactive Operations Manager for the BBC, who let slip the news on his Twitter feed.

The tweet, which isn't exactly in the Queen's English, reads: "iPlayer App for iPad is being released this Thursday - 10th Feb. 3G connection is browse only. Browse+Playback requires Wi-Fi."

He goes on to say that the information was mentioned in a BBC briefing and that the app appears to be iPad only at the moment, so there's still no word as to when the iPod and iPhone version of the iPlayer will be released.

The app is currently UK only, but it seems that there will be a subscription-based version of the app for the US, something that was confirmed back in December.

Long time coming

iPlayer on any iOS device has been a long time coming - the service is available through Safari but this has yet to be channelled in app form. It was announced way back in February that the BBC were making an iPlayer application for the App Store but, up until now, it hasn't appeared.

Given the popularity of the iPhone, the BBC will be hoping that this version of the app won't be far behind this week's iPad release.

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