Intel finally reveals a real image of an Alder Lake CPU, leaving renders behind

The top and bottom of an engineering sample of an Intel Alder Lake processor
(Image credit: harukaze5719)

After many leaks and renders, Intel has finally revealed the first official image of a 12th Gen Core processor on Twitter.

Executive Vice President and General Manager of Intel's Client Computing Group Gregory M. Bryant posted a tweet of a factory engineer holding up two Alder Lake CPUs. There hasn’t been much change between this design and the first engineering sample leaked nearly a year ago. This latest design has apparently been shipped to partners, who have started the switch from ES3 (engineering sample 3) to Qualification Samples (QS) since September.

Some Intel Alder lake information has been previously revealed through a leaked roadmap which details the mobile chips that will follow these desktop chips. The S-Series chip shown in the image, however, has been teased by Intel itself repeatedly over the last year.  It’s just that we’re finally seeing it.

The 12th Gen Core series’ retail box was also leaked online, as CPUs hit the Chinese black market. 

12th-generation Alder Lake processors will likely be announced on October 28 at its Innovation event. This date hasn’t been confirmed by Intel, but given that MSI has leaked the 12th-gen launch date through an AIO cooler upgrade kit, it’s pretty safe to assume we’ll see these processors very soon. 

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