Leaked roadmap for Intel Alder Lake CPUs for laptops reveals impressive specs

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While it looks like Alder Lake desktop processors are around the corner, we still don't know much about Intel's next chips for the best laptops, but a leaked roadmap may have given us a glimpse. 

According to this leaked roadmap, spotted by Wccftech, Alder Lake-P and Alder Lake-M will supposedly start production in November 2021 with an early 2022 launch. 

This leaked roadmap seems to back up an earlier rumor leak by Twitter user @9550pro about the Alder Lake-P and -M microarchitectures being behind the next-gen U- and H-series chips. But, it's still way too early to tell whether or not these leaks are real – even with the new leaked roadmap. It's entirely possible that Intel will come up with an entirely new microarchitecture for its 12th-generation mobile processors, it wouldn't be the first time. 

With this timeline, we're not sure when these processors would actually be announced. But if Intel really is aiming for a launch at the beginning of the year, it's possible Team Blue will save it for CES 2022.

Analysis: what is going on?

Intel Alder Lake-M processors, according to this leak, will supposedly replace the current-generation U-series chips found in laptops like the Dell XPS 13, with 7-15W SKUs meant for smaller mobile devices. Alder Lake-P, on the other hand, will supposedly support PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 and will be behind the H-series chips. 

Given that these features are likely to appear in Alder Lake-S processors like the Intel Core i9-12900K, this makes sense, though we don't know why Intel wouldn't just include PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 in its ultraportable-class chips, too. 

Also just like Alder Lake-S, it's likely that these processors will also use a big.LITTLE hybrid design. That means we could potentially see CPUs with up to 14 cores in a laptop with these 12th-gen processors, but it would be similar to the Apple M1, with some larger high-performance cores and some smaller high-efficiency cores. So we don't know how well that will actually translate to CPU performance. 

Either way, we likely won't have to wait long. Rumors are pointing to Intel 12th-gen desktop processors launching on November 19, which is right around the corner. 

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