Instagram Reels launches in India, just in time to take TikTok’s place

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Since the Indian government banned 59 apps including the popular TikTok, we have seen the rise of similar apps with the likes of Zee5, Chingari, and more. The latest in the line is the Instagram Reels. 

Instagram has today confirmed that it has started testing the new video-sharing format in India. This will be an additional element to the already existing story and IGTV features on Instagram. India is the fourth country, after Brazil, Germany and France, where this new format is being tested.

(Image credit: Instagram)

Recently, the company was spotted testing the new feature in India. Now that the feature has been made official, here’s what Reels brings to the table. 

In simple words, Instagram Reels is yet another way to share short videos on the platform. It is aimed to redefining the future of entertainment on the platform. It allows you to record and also edit a short video. The time is, however, capped at 15 seconds. It allows you to add multi-clip videos with audio, effects and new tools on Reels. Just like other Instagram posts, you can share them with your followers on Feed. You can access the Reels on the Explore page of the app. 

The feature will start rolling out to users in India from 7:30 pm IST today. It comes with a huge collection of music as Instagram has partnered with multiple music labels. You also get the Spark AR effects on Instagram that enable more creation and expression on the platform. Finally, the ‘‘Born on Instagram’ program for creators will help them grow.

How to create, share, and watch a reel

  1. Select Reels at the bottom of the Instagram camera. 
  2. Select Audio, AR Effects, Timer and Countdown, Align, and Speed(one of your choice)
  3. Record the video
  4. Post-it

You can directly share reel with your followers. Reels that you post to Feed or Explore will also appear in the Reels tab of your profile. You can also share to Stories. If you have a public account, you can share your reel to a dedicated space in Explore. In case you have a Private Account, you can share to feed or stories. 

To watch a reel that someone posted, it will be available in a new space. These will be created by the diverse community on Instagram such as a comedian, inspiring advocate, trending dance or beauty trend in a vertical feed customized for you. 

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