iCue Murals from Corsair is the ultimate RGB lighting flex

iCue Murals connects all your smart RGB lights
(Image credit: Corsair)

Every gamer understands the sheer awesomeness that is RGB lighting - no gaming space is complete without it. And now with the capabilities of some accessories to sync with whatever’s on the screen to provide a fully immersive experience, there’s more reason than ever to complete your RGB setup.

Corsair is no stranger to making high-quality gaming rigs, peripherals, and accessories gamers have relied on for years, including some of their own RGB ambient lights. They appreciate that they aren’t the only game in town, but still want gamers to have a fully immersive RGB experience, so they’ve introduced a whole new way to sync your lights and create the perfect ambient setup.

Gamer using Murals to sync his lighting effects with his current game

(Image credit: Corsair)

iCue Murals offers players an easy, fun, and interactive way to control their lights and even create their own unique dynamic real-time lighting effects. iCue Murals works across every compatible RGB capable device, including keyboards, mice, and PC components, as well as smart lights - essentially giving gamers complete control over their entire RGB experience. Players can choose from several default options or upload their own image or video to get a perfectly personalized environment. 

Murals offers nearly endless customization

(Image credit: Corsair)

The drag-and-drop interface makes it incredibly easy to change up and customize the effects to create the ideal RGB experience. Within Murals, players can simply drag any of their RGB compatible lights, components, or accessories over the specific part of the image that gives them the look they’re going for, making it incredibly easy to control their RGB lighting. 

Murals continues to build off of the already deeply customizable RGB system Corsair has built by adding additional functionality and support for third party products. Thanks to companies like Nanoleaf, Philips Hue, and others, gamers can take the RGB lighting they love so much in their keyboards and peripherals, and outfit their entire gaming space with them. And these lights have only gotten smarter and more capable over the years, to where now they can actually sync with some games to change the ambient lighting in the room based on what’s happening in the game environment. 

Create the ultimate experience with Murals

(Image credit: Corsair)

Murals brings all these devices together into one simple interface, so every gamer can experience the fun and immersiveness offered with RGB lights. For gamers who want even more control, Corsair’s Lighting Layers and Lighting Link open up even more advanced options.

Download the latest version of iCue now to unlock the ultimate immersive gaming experience. 

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