LG's larger than life 100-inch Laser DLP Display set for Australian shores

LG Laser DLP Display
The hardest part may be trying to find a wall big enough...

Last night, LG announced it's new behemoth, the 100-inch Laser Digital Light Processor (DLP) Display for Australia, which will retail for a cool $8999.

First shown off at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year, the Laser DLP Display works with the bundled Ultra-Short Throw Laser DLP device. The front projection device sits, remarkably, a mere 56 centimetres away from the display, but projects Full HD 1080p resolution.

It can sit comfortably just below the display, meaning that you won't have to worry about how exactly to run the wires through to the back of the room or trying to guessimate the best distance.

LG uses an anti-reflective, light-absorbing display, but works essentially as giant TV, with a black passive screen rather than the white that is traditionally paired with projectors. LG claims that the black screen allows for richer colour contrast.

A big fat TV/projector wedding

The Australian bundle includes the display, projector device and LG's 1TB tuner recorder and 3D Blu-ray player with smart TV functionality, allowing you to watch and record broadcast TV, and play Blu-ray and DVD.

With LG boasting that the system can start up in 6 seconds, the system could replace your traditional television. Connections includes three HDMI and two USB 2.0 ports and Wi-Fi and DLNA connectivity, with time-shifting, video on demand, Intel WiDi screen sharing and smart TV functions as well.

The Ultra-Short Throw Laser DLP device uses 36 laser diodes instead of mercury-based lamps. LG rates the diodes to last 25,000 hours of viewing on economy mode, which they calculated to last 5 hours of viewing everyday over 13 years, reducing the need to buy new lamps every year or so.

But we think the best part about this giant projector display-TV thing is that it doesn't require a special darkened room for viewing, so you can have a proper day/night movie marathon next long weekend.

The TV will be sold in Australia from July through LG's retail partner Harvey Norman. It can be mounted on the wall, or you can purchase a special cabinet that Harvey Norman will also be selling. Installation is thrown in for free, so you don't have to get your toddlers to help lift the giant screen into place.