GOM Mix Max is a great alternative to expensive video editing software

Video editors editing content using GOM Mix Max
(Image credit: GOM Lab)

Video content is everywhere these days and it’s likely only to keep growing over the next several years. 

It’s hard to visit a webpage today and not find a video playing somewhere on the page and the ubiquity of YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and more has opened the door for literally billions of people to create and upload their stories for the world to see. 

As with most things in life, the right tool can make a world of difference to the finished product in a video. While filters, image processing, and mobile editing tools on smartphones have become quite impressive, they still can’t replace the capabilities of professional video editing software. 

GOM Lab has been building software for more than 20 years and has built a strong reputation for powerful, affordable, easy-to-use software in Korea and Japan over the years. They are known for their GOM Player video playing app which is consistently rated as one of the top free video player apps in the world. 

They’re now bringing their expertise in building powerful, intuitive software to video editing. 

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of choices for video editing software available and they each have their pros and cons. GOM Mix Max, from GOM Lab,  is a video editing software for Windows that aims to deliver professional grade tools at a price everyone can afford.

GOM mix max product image

(Image credit: GOM lab)

When most people think of video editing software, they probably think of Adobe Premiere Pro, which has been the industry standard for editing professional videos for years. 

One of the biggest frustrations with Premiere Pro is the very steep learning curve, which isn’t great for anyone who’s just starting out trying to edit videos.

GOM Mix Max, on the other hand, is specifically designed to be easy to use. GOM Lab recently redesigned the entire interface with a focus on creating a human-centered user experience that even lets users rearrange the features in a way that’s more convenient for them.

For example, it’s now possible to change the location of the preview and menu area, set hotkeys, search for effects, set favorite effect overlays, and more. 

But it’s not just the interface that is customizable now. Users can now adjust and apply templates in detail, take advantage of expanded timeline functions, and have unlimited multi-track workflows to make sure they are creating the best videos possible. 

GOM Lab also worked to make the software faster and more seamless to use by building a new home screen, comprehensive tutorial guide, and reducing the encoding time so creators get more done faster. 

GOM Mix Max includes several advanced editing features like Picture in Picture (PIP) and even Chroma Key support for editing green screen footage. 

One of the key benefits of GOM Mix Max is that video editors of all levels can have access to the same professional-grade tools available in more expensive software at a fraction of the cost. 

In fact, new users can try the software for free. Simply input the purchase information and users can get two full months of the software for free and once the trial period is over, there’s an option to purchase the full software for 60% off the retail price. 

For anyone looking to create high-quality, professional-grade video content without spending a fortune, GOM Mix Max software is worth checking out.