Give Mom the gift of her own private cinema this Mother's Day

WeMax Nova 4K UST Laser Projector with Mothers Day Sale code.
(Image credit: WeMax)

Mothers Day is rapidly approaching, and nobody wants to be the guy left standing in the middle of a pharmacy choosing from a section of picked over cards at the last minute because they forgot to purchase a gift for their mother or the mother of their children. You can save yourself a lot of grief by planning ahead here, but then you’re faced with the struggle of what to actually give as a gift.  Cut flowers wither away quickly, and if you’re not a good cook, breakfast in bed may be above your skill set. You could give the gift of a “one and done” trip to the cinema, or you could decide to go all in and show Mom how much you really appreciate her by bringing the cinema home to her with a WeMax Nova 4k UST smart laser projector. 

Home theater systems have traditionally been considered something that only appealed to the buffest of film nerds with thick wallets who could afford the costly equipment. There’s been a lot of progress in the development of projectors with newer models often supporting smart features like streaming app support and ultra short throw distances at a much more affordable price point than their predecessors. The home cinematic experience has moved from energy inefficient bulb projectors that require maintenance to embracing laser projection that can offer impeccable clarity while also reducing eye strain and fatigue often caused by viewing a large screen television. 

The WeMax Nova 4K UST Laser Projector offers one of the shortest throw distances available in laser projectors today. Capable of a throw ratio of just 0.233:1, the Nova provides crystal clear 4k laser projection for a display of up to 150 inches from a distance of no more than 19.3 inches away from an ALR screen. If you don’t have a 20 inch throw distance to spare the Nova can still provide up to 80 inches of viewing real estate from no more than just 5.5 inches away. Screen size matters, sure, but so does clarity and the Nova offers 8.3 million pixels of it so you’re enjoying your favorite shows and movies in ultra clear 4k ultra HD resolution with a 3000:1 contrast ratio and support for HDR10. 

With a WeMax Nova 4k UST laser projector you can spend more time with the mothers in your life while enjoying their favorite shows thanks to Android TV 9.0 and Google Assistant support. There’s thousands of video apps, including HBO Max, YouTube, Disney+, to choose from thanks to smart connectivity and support for the Google Play store. The Nova 4K’s built-in Chromecast also expands the projector’s functionality, allowing you to cast videos, photos, music, and more with the press of a button from your smartphone, tablet, or other device. Additionally, the projector features an array of additional inputs to further elevate your viewing experience. Connect game consoles, your laptop, or external media drives so that all your entertainment is available on the big screen any time. 

You don’t just want Mom’s viewing experience to look good; you want it to sound good, as well. The Nova 4K offers 2 full range 10W speakers as well as 2 additional 5W tweeters supported by Dolby Audio DTS HD for fully immersive sound. Whether you’re spending leisurely time enjoying Mom’s favorite movies and shows, or you’re rocking out  with her to her favorite albums, you can rest assured you’re getting high quality sound from the WeMax Nova 4K UST laser projector. If you’d like to ramp up that cinematic audio feel, however, there are additional inputs for soundbars and speakers. 

The WeMax Nova is the most affordable 4K UST Laser Projector on the market, and you can give the gift of entertainment to the Mothers in your life at a discount using the exclusive 30% OFF Code: MTSDAY on the WeMax website. With the extra savings you can still throw in a bouquet of flowers and a nice card, for tradition’s sake.