Get giga-fast WiFi speeds with the devolo GigaGate network booster

There are few things as vital as air to breathe, water to drink and food to eat. But, today, if you want to enjoy the groundbreaking benefits of the hyperconnected world we now live in, you can count a reliable, high-speed internet connection alongside those everyday necessities.

But too often something gets in the way. How many times have you sat down to enjoy an episode of your favourite show, only to find your broadband isn’t fast enough to pull down the frames, or moved to work in a quiet corner of the house to be thwarted by a signal that just can’t penetrate the walls of your home?

Devolo’s GigaGate kit aims to fix that. Whether you’re downloading the latest battle royale video game or simply surfing the web, the GigaGate with its WiFi bridging tech ensure you get the fastest speeds and most reliable connection wherever you are in the house.

Plug-and-play mesh comfort

It’s as easy to set up as it is to enjoy. A base unit plugs into the wall and hooks up to your regular router. This then connects wirelessly to a satellite unit which plugs into the wall in the room where your connectivity is proving problematic, boosting the signal so that you’re getting exactly the speeds you deserve.

With five multimedia ports per satellite for plugging in games consoles, streaming devices and Hi-Fi kit, and with the WiFi bridge supporting eight simultaneous satellite units to run alongside the GigaGate base station, you’ll be looking at maximum speeds of 2Gbps in every room of the house. With plug and play simplicity, you’ll have a high-speed WiFi mesh network wherever and whenever you need it most.

Click here for more on the devolo GigaGate starter kit, and head over to Amazon to pick one up for yourself and unleash super-fast broadband around your home.