Sony shoots down Intel GPU in PS4 rumour

Sony PlayStation 4 rumours suggest Intel may be producing the graphics processing unit, though Sony is quick to shoot down the reports

Sony Computer Entertainment has moved quickly to deny the latest rumours that Intel will be producing the graphics processing unit (GPU) for the PS4.

The Inquirer published an exclusive report this week, based on conversations with un-named Sony reps at CES, claiming that for the "PS4, XBox3 and Wii2, it looks like Intel is in, Nvidia is out."

Nvidia out, Intel in?

The report continued: "Yeah, Intel won the PS4 GPU, no shock considering how much they needed a console win to get people coding for Larrabee."

"The nice Sony engineering lady at CES told us that Intel essentially bought the win, a theoretically good architecture, no imminent threats of going bust, and not being hated by Sony all contributed too. With a couple of deliverables satisfied, the PS4 GPU belongs to Intel.

"No word if this is going to be the entire architecture, CPU as well, or not. That, from what we are told, is not final yet."

Intel leaning towards x86 for PS3 CPU?

The Inquirer continues to speculate about the PS4's CPU, suggesting that Intel "would seem to be leaning toward x86."

This is all, of course, pure rumour and speculation right now.

TechRadar spoke with a Sony Computer Entertainment Europe rep who told us in no uncertain terms, "it's nonsense, and is quite possibly the best work of fiction I've read, since Lord of the Rings."

So there we go. Let the rumour and speculation about the PS4's CPU and GPU begin!