New Xbox One price cut sees console fall to just £310, despite recent sales fillip

New Xbox One price cut sees console fall to just 310 despite recent sales fillip

Another third-party retailer has unofficially trimmed the Microsoft's Xbox One console to its lowest UK price yet.

The Overclockers UK website began Thursday selling the console-only package for just £310, which is a full £119 off Microsoft's original £429 asking price.

While that deal has now sold out, the site is selling an Xbox One with FIFA 14 for just £329, while the edition containing hit, next-gen game Titanfall edition can be had for just £339.

Both of those are still cheaper than the PlayStation 4 console-only deal, which has remained steadfast at £349 thanks to solid sales.

Sub £300 console on the way?

The price cut comes just weeks after Microsoft announced that five million Xbox consoles have been shifted across the world.

While that may sound like a decent number, considering the console has only been on town since November, but PS4 sales have consistently outpaced the Xbox One.

The latest data claims the PS4 is currently at around 7 million global sales, giving Microsoft plenty of catching up to do in the early skirmishes of the next-gen console war.

Have the persistent Xbox One price cuts convinced you its time to jump on board? Or are you waiting for it to fall below £300? Could it happen this summer? Check in below to share your thoughts.