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Amazon Fire TV brings GameFly back to life with new app

GameFly on Amazon Fire TV

Just four days after Nvidia launched its new Shield Android TV console, set-top box competitor Amazon is firing back with a game-streaming solution of its own: GameFly Streaming.

Amazon announced today that GameFly will be its exclusive partner for its media streaming device, the Amazon Fire TV.

Like Nvidia Grid, the game-streaming service on the new Shield console, GameFly will provide PC versions of games like Batman: Arkham City, Darksiders II and Dirt 3 directly to gamers' living rooms.

Instead of paying a subscription fee, however, GameFly will sell game packs - packages of seven games, which start at $6.99 a month. At launch customers can choose from six gaming packs like LEGO - which includes seven LEGO titles - or Speed, which includes games like GRID 2, Moto GP '13 and Ridge Racer Unbounded.

The only catch here is that the GameFly service works only in conjunction with the Amazon Fire TV Game Controller, which costs an additional $40.

The service goes live today, and we'll up our review shortly with our hands on impressions.