Future LG smartwatches could get sound-emitting displays

Image credit: TechRadar

One of the most interesting features of the LG G8 ThinQ is its ability to produce sound without a speaker grille. Instead, it uses vibrations to emit sound through the display. And it looks like this tech might not just be used on phones, as a trademark suggests that LG smartwatches could also have sound-emitting screens.

Spotted by LetsGoDigital, the trademark, which was filed with EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office), calls the tech ‘Display Speaker’, and as well as listing it as something that could be used in phones, it also mentions wristwatches.

This of course doesn’t necessarily mean a smartwatch with this feature is in the works, as LG could just be covering its bases.

Making the best of limited space

However, it would make sense to include a sound-emitting display on a watch. There’s much less space on a smartwatch than on a smartphone, so eliminating speaker grilles could be beneficial.

That said, the tech required to produce sound through the display will also take up space, so on balance we’re not sure which solution would be the best use of space.

Still, if nothing else it could help LG’s next wearable stand out in a market that’s been light on innovation lately. Indeed, LG has been one of the more innovative companies in the space, with its latest entry – the LG Watch W7 – sporting both mechanical dials and a digital display.

That watch only launched in October 2018, so we wouldn’t expect to see another smartwatch from LG for a while, but this could be an early hint at one of the features.

James Rogerson

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