Early Amazon Prime Day deals combine cheap Echo speakers and music


For some, the idea of owning an Amazon Echo is nice, but the price is a bit too high. Well, thank your lucky stars as the Amazon Tap is on sale today in the celebratory lead-up to Amazon Prime Day.

The Amazon Tap is the battery-powered, miniature version of the Amazon Echo that can do just about everything as its larger next of kin. Alexa is built right into the speaker, ready to receive your order for three medium pizzas with extra pepperoni from Domino’s. But when you don’t need any info, you can use Tap just like you would any Bluetooth speaker.

Normally, the Tap runs for $129, but Amazon has a stockpile of certified refurbished units that it’s selling for $69 - close to half off the original price. Somehow, this deal gets even better in a few ways.  

Pick up the Amazon Tap at 40% off for $69 from Amazon

First off, Amazon is sending it to you with free one-day shipping. Prime members can sometimes enjoy this luxury, though two-day shipping is the most common option that can be selected for free. 

Lastly, a subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited is dirt cheap until July 11, costing just $1 for four months of service. After that, it’s $7.99 per month. That’s more than enough time to give it a try to see if you like it more than, say, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal or Google Play Music. Now, you’ll have plenty of music to play through the affordable Tap.