Dell will soon let you use iOS apps on a Windows PC

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If you're the proud owner of an iPhone but still prefer to use a Windows PC rather than a Mac, there's good news: you'll soon be able to control iOS apps on your desktop thanks to the developers at Dell.

Dell's Mobile Connect app already allows you to answer calls and texts, and receive app notifications in Windows, but as The Verge reports, it's about to get a lot more powerful – and useful.

Within the next few months, the app will receive an update that will let you mirror your phone's apps on your desktop, where you can control them using your keyboard and mouse, and transfer files between your phone and PC without any connecting cables.

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It's worth bearing in mind that the Dell Connect app is only available for supported Dell PCs. If you'd like to give it a try now, and be prepared for when the new mirroring and file transfer features arrive, you'll need to install both the iOS app and the desktop software.

For Android users, Microsoft's Your Phone app fills a similar role, letting you reply to texts, move photos, and get notifications on the big screen. The app can also mirror your whole phone screen on your desktop PC, but curiously only if you're using the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Writing on Twitter, Microsoft employee Analy Otero Diaz suggested that the mirroring feature might arrive on other Android handsets in the future, but didn't give any indication of which devices or when.

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