Overnight news roundup: September 10-11

The iPhone unlock from iPhoneSimFree is now available. It'll cost you $99.

Monday was a big day for tech news. Not only did the world find out that Apple sold 1 million iPhones in just 74 days, here's what happened in the US while the UK was sleeping:

Apple teams up with radio

Apple will be teaming up with HD radio to allow FM radio listeners to "tag" songs they hear so they can buy them on iTunes when they get home. Unfortunately, the current breeed of HD radios won't work with this feature, so users will need to buy a new device to do it.

Plantronics has unveiled the Voyager 855 headset, which not only allows for Bluetooth connectivity when you're chatting with a friend, it doubles as headphones that will let you listen to your tunes. Even better, it seamlessly swtiches you back and forth between music and calls when you initiate or end a call.

Sadly, it looks as though the CRT monitors of old have finally entered the twilight of their lives. According to a new study, CRTs account for just 10 percent of total monitor revenue and that figure has been on the decline. Bring on LCoS!

iPhone unlock now available

Well, it finally happened: the iPhone unlock is on sale for a whopping $99. iPhoneSimFree, the creators of the hack are selling it to four retailers worldwide. Don't want to wait for a 3G-specific, 16GB iPhone to arrive in Europe? Then you're an idiot.

Samsung has announced that it has begun shipping $1,100 64-Gbyte SSDs to Dell for use in its Dell and Alienware laptops. The announcement also mentioned that the SSDs will show up as 128-Gbyte dual-drive RAID options in the Alienware devices. Need storage? Check it out.

It looks like Microsoft's 'patch Tuesday' won't be such a headache afterall. According to Top Tech News, Microsoft originally promised five updates for tomorrow's release, but only four will be coming out. Sure, it's not the best of news knowing that you'll need to update your computer, but four is better than five, right?

iPhones sales up (but only due to price cut)

Some may say the one million iPhone sales mark is impressive, but one analyst is claiming that it only happened because of the recent iPhone price cut. Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray estimated that the iPhone sold 27,000 units the day after the price cut and over 100,000 in under a week to hit the mark on Sunday.

And last, but certainly not least, Wired has finally figured out what women like and believe it or not, it doesn't involve pink. According to a study, women want more tech gear and less of all that girly stuff. Doesn't sound like your signficant other? Well, consider the fact that she represents just 9 percent of the female population.