Intel virtual clothing booth pushes AR to the extreme

Intel virtual clothing booth pushes AR to extreme
We prefer it in green

Intel's booth at CEATEC may have been a showcase of products already in the market, but it still had some fascinating concept kit – including an augmented reality clothing booth.

The booth is for those too lazy to try on multiple clothes. Instead, all you need to do is stick on a green t-shirt and Intel's technology does all the work for you.

Once the t-shirt is on, you can choose a number of different styles to 'virtually' try on, until you find the right one for you.

Intel shopping

An Intel spokesperson told TechRadar that the demo was there to show off the capabilities of the company's Xeon chipset.

Another demo of augmented reality, Intel-style was one of the more bizarre we had seen, that of a virtual panda.

Intel panda

While we feel sorry for the booth girl who had to wear the ridiculous cubed hat, it all made sense when she was next to a massive TV screen.

Intel had rigged it so that her cubed headwear controlled a virtual giant panda on the screen.

Intel panda

As demos go, this is one that will give us nightmares for life but it is one that shows off the potential of augmented reality – albeit through the medium of pandas.

Intel panda

Well, it is CEATEC.

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