Apple TV 2nd gen also gets software update

Apple TV 2nd gen also gets software update
Existing Apple TV owners can try out the new iOS-like interface ahead of the March 16th launch of the new model

Users of the second generation Apple TV set-top box can now download the new interface showcased during Wednesday's new hardware launch.

The new connected TV device is available to buy on March 16th, bringing full support for 1080p HD video, compared to the 720p content available on the current version.

When announcing the new hockey puck-like device, Apple also showed-off a brand new iOS-like interface which allows users to browse apps through familiar icons.

The interface may offer some clues as to how the Apple-branded HDTV set may look if the company presses ahead with its rumoured plans.

With existing owners able to download the new version of the software, the only reason to upgrade to the new $99 model would be to benefit from full HD video.

iCloud too, but not everything

Apple also announced that the new Apple TV would allow users full access to iTunes in the Cloud, meaning movies purchased on iTunes could be streamed to the device.

However, not all of the studios are on board. AllThingsD reports that Fox and Universal movies are exempt, thanks to a deal with HBO, which currently holds "an exclusive release window."

Efforts to resolve the situation are, apparently, well underway.

Where's the new apps?

Although we were excited to see Apple unveil a new version of Apple TV and this nifty new software, we're slightly disappointed there were no new apps also showcased.

Isn't it about time Apple TV owners were graced with the likes of iPlayer, 4oD and Sky Go in the UK or Hulu and HBO Go in the US?

Via: AllThingsD

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